The meaning of life…

1 May


It is with a heavy heart that I write this and I am shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden death of a lady whom I just met in Cambodia last week.

I met Ps Wendy Ng who was a relief principal at the Christian International School that our alumni team visited last week in Phnom Penh. Upon reaching the school, we were greeted by her big smile and she eagerly showed us around the school compound. Though I do not know her much, but spending around 1-2 hrs with her, I could sense that she was a person with a heart so full in serving the Lord and the people in Cambodia. And the thought was already running in my mind, “Wow, she’s so brave and it is such a big step that she is taking to be serving the Lord in Cambodia”.

CVSOM Alumni Team at the International School in Kampong Speu with Ps Wendy Ng (4th person from the left)

CVSOM Alumni Team at the International School in Kampong Speu with Ps Wendy Ng (4th person from the left)

Running on an arranged schedule last week, I wished I had more time to hear from her.

Little did I know that, that was the last time I will be seeing her on earth…she was robbed and killed yesterday. They have arrested 5 men and found that they had taken things such as an iPad, a phone and money. I cannot help thinking on the “whys” and “whats” and these were the things that were in exchange for a life so precious to God and the people around her. I cannot fully comprehend on how such things can happened and that we even spent some time to pray with her. But for now, I can only say that she was a woman whom have impacted my life and through this incident she had taught me on what it is to have a heart of a missionary.

Was God not at work? This made me recall on the topic which I had just prepared for the teaching seminar last week on “God”. There was a portion of information which I could have omitted but later decided that I should add it in: “If God loves the world, why is there suffering, pain and war?”

Living in such perilous times, where moral values and mindsets have degraded. Yes, we would declare that only God’s love is complete.Yes, we would also say that God love the world and that is why He gave us free will. And yes, God is in control, but bear in mind that this does not means that He is involved in human sin.

As Christians, we really have to reflect on our position with Christ; not only in terms that we have victorious and carefree life by God’s grace BUT in terms of what are we actually doing in our life for His Kingdom. Who is He to us? Are we in pursuit of our own happiness in comfort and glam or are we faithfully serving the Lord? Are we heaping up treasures in our storeroom or are we sowing seeds, healing the sick, helping the poor? Are we helping other people to find life in Jesus Christ?

I also urge everybody to really reflect and not to waste our available time here, we ought to reconsider our purposes. We will never know how much time we have here. The meaning of our life is never in our pursuit of our own happiness in material wealth or status or in our talents and skills. All these will eventually fail you and fade away! The meaning of life is that we will live our life faithfully according to His will & purpose. And no matter what circumstances we are in, we will always trust Him.

Make each day count for Jesus.


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